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My Bio

Hi, my name is Sue, I’m Swiss and I live in Geneva with my husband, our two children, and our dog.

I have a university degree in computer engineering. I have a good knowledge of some graphic design tools, in 2012 I created several digital models of dolls using real texture.

In the beginning, customizations were for my own collection then I’ve decided to start selling my work. I love the world of dolls and his magic.

I work on fake releases and authentic Takara releases. 

I take my time to choose the next blythe to customize, I like to customize the blythe that gives me new ideas. I love that my girls are different from each other so I always look for new ideas for every girl.
I don’t like to be imposed by an idea, which is why I rarely accept commissions.

I use surgical scalpel for carving and I finish carving with sanding sponges.

For make-up, I use pastels and watercolour pencils of the brand Caran d’ache and acrylic paints for the lids. 

My make-up is done in severals steps, at the end of each step I seal with MSC Mr. Super Clear and the last layer is a TopCoat semi-gloss.

I like to get ideas from real people.

Thank you for the look.