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Reserved listing,

Please don't buy only LeiLei's mon can buy her


Art doll: LeiLei


Base doll : RBL Renew MUSICAL TRENCH

Face filled with epoxy putty (eyes, cheeks, chin)

Face paintings with colorful pastels, sealed UV cut Flat

Hair: Amazing mohair wig by 77 (Seven Collection) fixed with a tack it on a bald dome. 

Hand–painted Eyelids.

Sleepy eyes

Original ears removed and fixed with epoxy putty new one, new model my girl can be easily with a hat. 

3 pairs of new Eye-Chips only glasses and one blue/brown hand-engraved.

New custom pull charms, natural and semi-precious stone, zirconia, and crystal Swarovski 

New natural brown eyelashes

Obitsu22 body with metal bust and neck modification, tilt neck is possible. Hand set included.

Signed and dated Back plate

Shipping by UPS Express included  Phone number is required.

Please allow up to 4 working days for shipping!


Outfit:  Wonderful set by mamzelle.lylou  (same in her photos: set and hat). Shoes included. 

Will travel in my own box in a protection case made by mamzelle.lylou.


A short layaway plan is available, half immediatly and the balanace in a month. Please message me if interrested.


Sold “as is” No refund and no return.

I use epoxy putty but isn't the same color as the plastic, I don't paint the face, but I match the color with pastel.

Makeup with lots of details, her photos are unmanipulated and unfiltered.

Hand made art, not perfect factory.

Price is US Dollar


Thank you for loving my work!




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